Various invisible elements floating around... A multi-sensory exhibition with a joyfully synchronized and layered concept that seeks a connection with one another, our senses, with cultural traditions -including those different from our own- and, perhaps most importantly, with nature and the direct environment. Inspired by the anime film Princess Mononoke (1997), the work relates to a spiritual connection to nature and the invasion of the increasingly influential industry. Glass, Silk, Ceramics, Acrystal, Wood, Feathers, Fur Installation dimension variable Participative performance – Organic color degustation from flower bowls. Red: hibiscus flowers, rose petals, rose hips, chili peppers Yellow: chrysanthemum flowers, chamomile flowers, marigold flowers, turmeric Green: peppermint, mate, rosemary, spinach Blue: cornflowers, lavender, mallow flowers, butterfly pea flowers Text by Melanie Kuratli on request. Photography by Nicole Pont at WABE, Basel

Installation, Interactive, Object, Performance,