There are various influences that shape the way a person feels about their immediate surroundings. Fluke reflects on the diversity of human bodies. Simone's interest in this context of a public bath relates to body ecology, i.e. how a body connects to its environment and how societal norms can affect behavior and physical and mental health. The amorphous sculpture rises up from the green lawn like the tail fin to the gray whale hump of the swimming pool hall. In addition to its zoological origin (worm, whale tail fin, etc.), the title also points to a stroke of luck - the realisation that physical abilities can be changeable functions of the biological conditions of the body. Site-Specific Installation Wood, steel, EPS, polyurethane, polypropylene, polyethylene, pigments, paint Size 120cm x 140cm x 780cm Gartenbad Eglisee, Basel

Installation, Interactive, Object, Public Space,