An important sign in a moment of general uncertainty; an empty showcase, connected to a flying paraglider, which seems to be taking off - or has it just landed? The focus is set on the exact moment that marks a movement, a change; when space is made to form and create something new. After all, a fresh breeze can also be an encouragement to take action. Site specific Installation A project by Simone Steinegger with the amazing assistance of Luca Zeller in commission of the Kunsthaus Baselland and the House of Electronic Arts for the Oslonight 2020. Thanks for your trust. Coated polyamide fabric, nylon cords, latex covers, helium, steel, wood, plexiglass, mirror and pond liner, dry ice, fluorescent tubes, 9 fans, 4 subwoofers, immersive soundpiece 150cm x 120cm x 250cm 1000cm x 350cm x 1500cm 25m x 20m x 15m in 300m2 Photography by Ivana Kresic at Dreispitzhalle, 2020

Installation, Object, Performance,