During the first corona lockdown in the spring of 2020, I started having tea chats. In the context of the crisis, questions have arisen that strive wide and continue to apply – for us personally and for the world. The situation requires that we become clear about our impact and recognize what values ​​are important to us and what kind of society we want to live in... a-Perf ( acoustic insulation panel made from recycled pet ), 4200 yogic wisdoms, 4228 steel pins, 14 threads, frame made of walnut wood. “Wenn wir diese Lektion jetzt nicht lernen, sind wir gefickt - Und wir verdienen es” - Milo Rau 205cm x 205cm Pilz Welle Lust - Showroom, Basel M54 Visarte - entrée&hommage, Basel Photography/ Videostills by the Artist. Many thanks to akustik & innovation gmbh for the generous material sponsoring.

Video Color, Sound, 5:23 minutes Vimeo password: Yogi-Tee-Weisheiten2020

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