The Legacy of Hugs explores touch as a forgotten language within a connection between object and human. The elements combine in a variety of ways to create diverse bodies of work and investigate the psychological and emotional impact of sculptures that imply some sort of relationship with the viewer. Sculptures ( Doris, Jaqcues, Ziggy ) Wool, silk, neoprene and upholstery fabric. Filled with sand, cork, styrofoam and feathers on steel stands 180cm x 120cm x 150cm 120cm x 80cm x 35cm 80cm x 45cm x 60cm Photography by Christian Knoerr at Kunsthaus Baselland, 2020 Video MUDCAKE RISING – Low End Tender Trap Color, Sound, 5:15 minutes Photography by Nicole Pont during the video shoot at Klybeck 141, 2020

Video Password: The_legacy_of_hugs

Installation, Interactive, Object, Performance, Video,