Imagination, play instinct and a satisfaction of the senses; Cheerful colors versus different textures imply intentions and interactions. The sculptures want to seduce and orientate themselves at various desires, from physical and psychological needs up to requirements of the human mind to the objective environment as an erotic, playful sphere. Sculptures ( Frankie, Toni, Skylar, Lou ) Aluminum, polystyrene, styrofoam, polyethylene, plasticine, latex, polyurethane - 2K MultiCast, color pigments, ironplate, rod, memory foam, wood, epoxy resin, wood, wire mesh, plaster with polyethylene/acrylic base, PUR primer, paint, varnish 120cm x 120cm x 35cm 40cm x 55cm x 15cm x 112cm 170cm x 110cm 35cm x 50cm x 60cm Photography by Donata Ettlin at Kunsthaus Baselland, 2018 Thanks to the Team of KHBL and Institut Kunst

Installation, Object,